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Who We Are

The Buzzdog Group is a boutique sales & marketing agency offering consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses. We are composed of a team of veteran sales professionals whose sole objective and passion is to deliver incremental revenue growth for our clients. Our company was established with over 50 years of sales experience in various industries which gives us the knowledge to drive real-world results that strengthen bottom lines.

We consult only with a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure everyone receives our full attention, delivered with integrity and a commitment to success.

What We Do

Our mission is to assist companies in their growth efforts by helping them develop a strong sales and marketing foundation that will allow them to meet and exceed their short- and long-term goals. We work closely with our clients and providing hands-on assistance from the beginning of a project through its completion. Our solutions are based on executable actions, and they produce measurable and sustainable results.

We believe that the only limitation to reaching your goals is your imagination, and we can help you achieve these goals for your business.

What Others Say

The approach to communicating with everyone was one of honesty and diplomacy. This instilled a sense of trustworthiness in our employees and increased the morale of our team by creating a positive energy […]

The new program was accepted in a very positive manner and everyone agreed that the changes made will give our Sales Agents the ability to better manage their time to focus on obtaining new customers without sacrificing their other job responsibilities. Thank you!

Paul Borra
Cargo Net Transportation